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The PARKGURU team is participating in City Challenge Hackacton 2017

The PARKGURU team is participating in City Challenge Hackacton 2017

Athens, May 12, 2017


Part of the PARKGURU Research and Development Team participates in the City Challenge Hackathon ( organized by the Central Association of Municipalities of Greece (KEDE) on May 12, 2017.


The goal of hackathon is to create prototype applications that solve problems that concern Municipalities and, by extension, their citizens.


Under City Challenge Hackathon, the PARKGURU team will create a platform, specifically a marketplace, that allows Municipalities to “connect” with service providers and developers who develop controlled parking applications.


Through the SOSP (Smart On Street Parking) platform, Municipalities will be able to import or control the zones of controlled parking (upload) via a simple graphical user interface, to determine the cost and time of stay and to have access to real-time System reporting data. Similarly, service providers and developers providing or deploying parking applications will be able to access through API (Application Programming Interface) the data that each Municipality has made available, to develop new applications or to include them in existing solutions.


“The Smart On Street Parking is a platform that will make it easier for Municipalities to easily connect with multiple providers and different parking applications to provide quality services to their citizens. It is also an open platform that aims to create a homogeneity and structure in city data and to fuel innovation in city-based parking ” Yannis Zarifis, leader of the team at Hackathon and Director of Research and Development PARKGURU, said, “We are looking forward to all the contestants and we are working to make cities smarter and more friendly to everyone.”



PARKURU Ltd ( is a young, innovative company driven by the passion for technology and customer satisfaction. Its team of more than 30 people has accumulated experience in the field of mobile cloud technology and parking.

PARKGURU offers the most advanced omni-channel Park-Booking service in the world today, approaching both the driver and the parking operator needs.

PARKGURU’s goal is international growth, for which it has already set a strong foundation, with the application offering today detailed information on millions of parking spaces located in Europe and North America.



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