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PARKGURU | Operators Frequently Asked Questions
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Operators Frequently Asked Questions

PARKGURU Parking Operators FAQ

What kind of listings does PARKGURU offer?

We currently offer 3 types of listings depending on the country.

  1. VANILLA Listing : This is available to all countries, globally. You can list your Parking Spot and be seen next to your competition. Its totally FREE.

  2. CALL2BOOK Listing : This is available to specific countries for now. Same as the Vanilla Listing although it shows a clickable option to the drivers to get connected over our telephone infrastructure to speak to you and arrange for their bookings. You don’t get charged for this service.

  3. BOOKABLE Listing : This is available to all countries under the Euro Currency for now. Same as the Vanilla Listing although it shows a clickable option to the drivers to book and pay for their parking spot. You will be charges a small comission on every succesful booking. No other comitments or fees.

Important: In the listing screen the Bookable listings appear on top of the Call2Book listings which appear on topof the Vanilla Listings.

I am a City. How do I list our parking spots?

We provide special treatment and tools for City representatives

You can contact us at [email protected] and we will get in touch with you to discuss your needs.

Whether you already provide controlled parking or not, we can assist you in all the steps to start selling your parking spots through our platform.

Please contact us and we will definetely find the ideal for your City.

I am a Parking Operator. How do I list my spots

Its really simple.

By visiting and registering as a PARKGURU Partner, you will get access to all the tools to list your spots, manage price lists, availability, discounts, bookings etc.

The coolest thing is that its totally Free!


Have more questions? Chat with us by clicking on the button at the bottom right side of your browser.