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Offer the best service to your customers

Are you a Parking Operator?

Become a PARKGURU partner and enjoy the benefits of being a member of a global parking operators community that transforms the way people park.

You know better than anyone that once you open your shop each day your only hope is to be fully booked.

Most of the times, this is not the case…

We will help you add more customers and be seen from all drivers around you.

Sell your Parking Spots

You will be ready to offer your Parking Spots for booking within minutes.

PARKGURU offers you all the tools you need to list and manage your Car Park listings.

Dynamic pricing, discounts, promotions, online availability and more are now at your fingertips through PARKGURU management apps.

Sell your Extra Services

Promote and sell Extra Services such as Car Wash, Waxing etc to maximize your revenue and provide an unforgeable experience to your customers.

Earn more with PARKGURU

Get more Business

Our mission is to fill your empty Parking Spots. At the same time your business gets more visibility, status and stands out as you improve your ratings and quality of services. We will only receive a small commission from the bookings we bring to you. No other commitments or hiiden costs.

Be the evolution

PARKGURU is transforming city transportation and driver’s user experience. Together with you we can make cities a friendlier place for all and shape the future of future transportation. Innovation needs to be linked to practice on everyday’s life.

Freedom of choice

You hold the keys of your business. Decide when you want more bookings from us and how much. Control pricing and monitor the competition around you. We provide you with all the tools to run and monitor your business from anywhere.