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Cities can be friendly for everyone

We can help you reduce traffic, pollution and boost your city's quality of living

Are you a City offering controlled parking?

PARKGURU partners with City Parking Operators to offer instant park booking and payments to drivers who park their vehicles in, controlled parking, designated spots.

No more coins, coupons or fines. Your City drivers can enjoy driving and parking with no hassle.

Offer your Parking Spots

You will be ready to offer your Parking Spots for booking within minutes.

PARKGURU offers you all the tools and APIs to integrate existing park management systems, to list and manage your Car Park listings.

Dynamic pricing, timezones, online availability and more are now at your fingertips through PARKGURU management apps.

Pre-existing legacy systems? No problem

PARKGURU can work next to your legacy park management systems to offer an advanced user experience to drivers parking at your On-Street spots. We provide tools and APIs that can connect systems within systems so you will be ready to rollout PARKGURU service in a few days.

Earn more with PARKGURU

Reduce traffic

30% of traffic congestion in cities is caused by drivers cruising around searching for parking spaces.

By offering accurate information to city drivers about parking spots, we help Cities improve the quality of living for drivers and pedestrians.

Be the evolution

PARKGURU is transforming city transportation and driver’s user experience. Together with you we can make cities a friendlier place for all and shape the future of future transportation. Innovation needs to be linked to practice on everyday’s life.

Reduce emissions

4% of total greenhouse gases emissions in cities, is caused by drivers cruising around searching for parking spaces. PARKGURU help drivers find, book and park when and where they need without losing time.