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“Αpp of the Year” Award for PARKGURU @ Mobile Connected World Conference 2017

“Αpp of the Year” Award for PARKGURU @ Mobile Connected World Conference 2017

Athens 4 May 2017

During the Mobile Connected World Conference 2017 and more particularly in the Mobile & Apps Awards section, PARKGURU was awarded the “App of the Year” for its innovation and completeness.

The award was received by Mr. Yannis Ramphos, COO of the company, who said: “Today’s award honors and strengthens our commitment to solving the big problem of parking. PARKGURU’s team mission is focused on improving drivers’ daily lives by saving time while reducing parking costs. Through the PARKGURU App, as well as the other tools we provide to our partners (garage owners, municipalities, etc.), we enhance their ability to cover unallocated parking spaces by increasing their revenue while helping cities reduce congestion and air pollution”.

PARKGURU solves a chronic problem that exists in most cities, including Athens. It ensures drivers will always be able to park their car at the best prices.

Using the app is very simple. Drivers download the application to their mobile, enter their destination and PARKGURU displays available parking spaces and their cost. The driver can pay through the application by using a credit card or cash at the parking station upon his departure.

PARKGURU is a “smart” application that is constantly learning from the use of drivers. Combined with Artificial Intelligence and information from other sources (eg weather, holidays, etc.), the App is able to suggest the best place to park their car.

The app is available for free, via Apple AppStore for iPhone and Google PlayStore for Android devices.



PARKURU Ltd is a young, innovative company driven by the passion for technology and customer satisfaction. Its team of more than 30 people has accumulated experience in the field of mobile cloud technology and parking.

PARKGURU offers the most advanced omni-channel Park-Booking service in the world today, approaching both the driver and the parking operator needs.

PARKGURU’s goal is international growth, for which it has already set a strong foundation, with the application offering today detailed information on millions of parking spaces located in Europe and North America.


(PARKGURU Stand @ Mobile Connected World Conference 2017)

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